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I am inspired by Juliette Crane's paintings

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

My New Year's resolution for 2019 was to open myself up to lots of new inspiration from other artists, and in particular, mixed media artists. One of the artists I discovered was Juliette Crane. I just adore her layered paintings and wanted to understand her techniques, so I signed up for her "Whimsical Animals" online class #WhimsicalAnimalsClass . This owl is one of the paintings I did in this class. Juliette is well know for her exquisite owl paintings.

Once I understand "how" to use a new technique, I want to use this "language" to express my own artistic voice. I just love to watch and draw birds. This has always been a point of attraction for me. The paintings below are birds I painted using Juliette's techniques.

Collage a background

One of the wonderful things that I learned from this class was a technique of collage for the background and then beginning the painting on top of it. It allowed for so much random richness to shine through. I am grateful to Juliette for sharing her beautiful artistic spirit.


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