Immersing myself in nature

One of the ways I stay plugged into my creativity is to spend time in nature on a regular basis. I hike often in the desert, but what I really crave is being surrounded by trees. Yesterday my son and I drove up to Cottonwood to hang out at "Dead Horse Ranch State Park" (awesome name - it makes me laugh!).

Everything our senses absorb spills over into our art. The part I love about painting in an abstract, intuitive style is that my brain draws upon lots of organic shapes that I see in nature. I am not painting literal trees and leaves, but more the feeling that I have when I am in the midst of them.

As we were wandering among the trees, I glanced down and spotted the most beautiful cottonwood tree leaf. It looked like it was almost glowing, as its bright green shiny surface was such a contrast to the silt of the dry riverbed. Such an amazing shape!

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