Journey to the Heart of Forgiveness

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I have taken the first few months of 2020 (even before Coronavirus) as a bit of a retreat to heal a part of myself. Lots of meditation, Reiki energy self care and following my intuition. I have done this several times in my adult life, the first of which was in 1997 when I turned 40 and had just lost my 33 year old sister-in-law to ovarian cancer. At that time I began reading a book called “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss, which became a catalyst for me to heal a great deal of shame and grief inside me that went back to when I was 18.

In the fall of 2010, I self published a book called “Journey to the Heart of Forgiveness” to share my transformational healing journey, but I was not aware that I was heading into what would become another huge loss in my life. My husband had just begun having severe back pain that doctors could not seem to diagnose. Four months later he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 3 weeks later. I struggled with not only my own grief, but the overwhelming sadness of my two children from their father’s passing.

All along this path my art has been an instrument for my own healing. I share some of this in my book. I also utilized energy therapies such as Reiki and CranialSacral and had experiences where I remembered past lives and was able to forgive and be forgiven for pain that was several lifetimes old. I am sharing this book now in case it resonates with any of you. Here is a link to my ETSY store where you can purchase a signed copy. ETSY - MoBradyStudio

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