Healing Intention Art Journal

Updated: Apr 1

I try to listen to my body, and by the end of December in 2019 I felt like the stress of recent years had accumulated in my physical body. I just didn't feel right. Rather than wait til some future diagnosis, I became proactive. I created this accordian art journal and wrote my intention: "This is the year to reset the balance in my physical self". (Click on a pic above to scroll through the entire gallery.)

There were a couple of pockets that I sewed into it and inside the pockets were leaf shaped pieces of watercolor paper. On the back of each I wrote some piece of wisdom I wanted to remind myself of during the coming months. I created a new morning routine of gratefulness meditation. Some mornings I would take a beach chair out to a grassy area nearby and sit and meditate with bare feet touching the earth.

On the mornings where I felt a little "off" I pulled out one of the leaves of paper and read what was on the back as a reminder of what I wanted to focus my energy on that day. The pic on the right below is something I doodled recently and now I used it as a symbol of my intention to care for my physical body, and reconnect to the earth.

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