• Mo Brady

Watercolor Doodling

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

One of the ways I play with mixed media is to watercolor doodle. I developed this process that allows me to daydream with color.

I begin with a large (18" x 24") piece of watercolor paper and just paint random washes. I walk away for a few hours to let it dry, then do some more doodling. Once I have lots of separate watercolor washes that have dried, I start to add whatever lines and marks pop into my head. Next I add watercolor pencils and opaque pens. This daydream painting goes on for several days, and I just add to it whenever I have a few moments to relax. No thought of composition, just keeping colors fun and bright. I keep adding details until it "sings to me".

I cut the painting into many pieces and use them to create joyful cards to send to people I love. I sew pockets from the painting and use other small pieces to dangle beads and stick into the pockets.

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