Poetry from my book - Journey to the Heart of Forgiveness

Art has been the most natural outpouring of my creative spark, but there were periods in my life where poetry flowed out as well.  At the time I was writing my book I was also creating and selling beaded jewelry.  I wrote poems that embodied the energy of the stones in the jewelry.  That spark carried over to my book, and I wrote poems for each chapter in the book that reflected my healing journey.  I am sharing a few of them here.

Some of my original paintings come with a poem hand-written on the back.  It is noted in the shop listing.

Awakening the Divine Within


In an open meadow warmed by the sun

and embraced by a circle of swaying trees

tender flowers bloom.


As their roots reach deep and soak in

nourishment from the Earth

each new flower lifts its face to receive

the warm loving light.


Soft breezes carry the seeds from each bloom

to new parts of the meadow where they

nestle in the soil to gain strength

for their own future awakening.


As each of us remembers how to reside

deep within our divine essence

allowing us to connect directly

to the source of our Wisdom

the meadow will be awash in flowers.



we are the sun,

the trees,

the meadow,

the flowers,

the soil and 

the breeze.



The box of memories held secrets

Wrapped in anger, shame and guilt,

But once the lid was sprung

And light allowed inside

What emerged

Was a precious treasure.

Sonoran Twilight


Sunlight is waning,

The  air grows moist and heavy.

I drink in the sweet nectar

Of desert blossoms

With slow, deep breaths.

As my awareness expands

And merges with their scent

I am transformed.

For a timeless moment

I am one

With their essence.

Glacial Falls


As old doubts melt away

A crystal clear stream

Begins to cascade within us,


And reawakening

Every fiber of our being.



Inside each of you

Is an exquisite bud

Waiting patiently

In blissful anticipation

To spring open

And display all of its

Beauty, joy and magic


When we truly connect 

To our inner wisdom

The bud unfolds

In all its splendor.