I have been using art to put my energy into the world since I was 4 or 5 years old.  I spent many hours alone in the basement as a child playing with paint, crayons, construction paper and scissors.  I can still remember the excitement I felt when I got a fresh box of crayons or my first charcoal drawing set.  I still feel that surge of excitement when I am at an art store selecting new supplies.  


I LOVE color….the way it energizes me when I paint, the way it makes my whole being dance, the way it adds spark to a living space.  I have pursued several art mediums in my life, but the unifying thread is always an exploration of color.  It is the elixir of life for me.

I have called the desert of Arizona my home since 1969, with the exception of 8 years in my 20”s when my boyfriend and I moved to New York after graduating from ASU with our BFA’s.  I worked in New York CIty pursuing fabric design, and studied handmade paper at a studio in Soho.  Once we got married and started having children, we retreated to the serenity of the southwest desert.  


My spirit has always been renewed by spending time in nature.  Whether I am hiking up the trail at Dreamy Draw or sitting by the Verde River inhaling the scent of damp earth at Dead Horse Ranch Park in Cottonwood, I am at peace.  My daughter and her family live in Seattle, and I travel up there often. It is so creatively invigorating to see such a different climate.  Everywhere you look there are flowers of every color, green moss hiding in the rocks and towering tree canopies to shade you.  


The other constant thread that has run through my art and my life is an interest in how our spirits heal.  I have studied energy healing modalities and am a Reiki Master.  When I am in my studio playing with my paint, my heart opens and flows out onto the canvas.  Some of that energy is in each piece I create.  I embraced this intuitive painting practice after retiring two years ago.  I don't have any preconceived idea in mind when I begin.  I coax my analytic mind to step out of the way and allow my inner intuitive voice to play with color and texture.  I stop and listen to the painting to see what wants to emerge as I go.  I embrace the mystery of the process and just play with color!!